Nefraa Info provides the Ultimate IT Support Services Experience for Business and Schools.

Our Core Services Include:
  • Managed IT Support and Services
  • I.T. Consultants
  • Cloud IT Solutions (Public & Private Cloud)
  • Network & Cyber Security
  • Cloud Telephony & Internet Connectivity
  • IT Project Work and Audits

IT Support

Nefraa Info is a Infrastructure Projects and Managed IT Support Services Provider.
We have offices in Cambridge, London, and Sheffield, allowing us to cover most of the UK.


Managed IT Support & Projects for Primary & Secondary Schools, Academies, Colleges, and Academy Trusts


Managed IT Support Services & Projects for Small to Large Businesses


Specialist IT Product and Project Support, Security, Virtualisation, Additional Project Resources


Partnerships with Commercial Relocation Providers, Design & Build, Fit Out, etc.

Why Choose Us

We are working in telecom, Information technology, smart city development, product supply, HR domain as a company.

Nefraa Info is a global community of companies and organizations working together to accelerate the development and deployment of open, disaggregated, and standards-based technology solutions that deliver the high quality connectivity that the world needs – now and in the decades to come.

Our tried and tested approach to IT has a proven track record and we work hard to be the best IT Provider in our market space.

Strategic Network Areas


The Access project groups are creating innovative infrastructure solutions, technologies, and methodologies to bring more people internet access across all corners of the globe. Access is focused on removing some of the key blockers that make the connection to the end user difficult.


To keep the pace of exponential growth in network traffic, better backhaul is essential. Our Transport project groups are addressing the scalability, fast convergence, ease of configuration and extensibility challenges in wireless and wired backhaul.

Core & services

The most significant costs associated with a network are the ongoing costs of operations and maintenance. The Core & Services project groups are simplifying the core network architecture and improving efficiency and flexibility while reducing capex and opex costs associated with keeping a network up and running.

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